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Simple Weddings


Photo: Jonathan David

Not everybody wants an over-the-top wedding ceremony. In fact 'short and simple' is a far more popular request.

A simple wedding ceremony can still look and feel very special, but the planning can be straightforward.

Laura will prepare a standard marriage script - all you need to do is decide on your vows. Simply choose vows from the options provided by Laura, or you can write your own.


Laura has spent more than a decade working as a wedding celebrant. Her wealth of experience ensures that your wedding ceremony will run smoothly and without a hitch.

When you choose a celebrant you choosing someone who will set the tone for your wedding day. Experience, attention-to-detail and warm, natural style make Laura a great choice.  

Steps for a simple wedding

Laura will make sure arrangements are kept simple and stress-free. As a government-authorised wedding celebrant, she will guide you through every step of getting married:



 Arrange to meet up with Laura for a chat about plans for your wedding day.



Start the legal process for getting married. Laura will provide all the paperwork.



Choose your marriage vows from the options provided, or write your own.



An opportunity to settle nerves, ask questions and get prepared for the wedding.



The big day arrives! Laura is on-hand to guide you through the ceremony.

You made our special day very enjoyable and lovely! I would definitely recommend your services to anyone!

Max & Viren

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