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Get Married without a 'Wedding'

The legal


Get married without
having a wedding

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Do you want to get married without having to plan and pay for a big, traditional wedding?
Or perhaps you're getting married overseas, but need to take care of the legal requirements here in Australia? If so, a basic legal-only marriage may be the perfect option.

Instead of having a wedding, you can simply sign the marriage certificates in an office or home environment. No frills, no fuss, just the legal essentials.

This is a basic service. Guests, expensive flowers and special outfits are not required. You just need to bring yourselves, your ID and two legal witnesses. The whole point is to keep it simple and straight-forward.

As an authorised marriage celebrant Laura Craddock will take care of all the paperwork and guide you through the process of getting married. Unlike a registry office wedding, you also have the flexibility to sign the marriage certficates where and when you want to.


Before making arrangements, please keep in mind you must start the paperwork and lodge your Notice Of Intended Marriage with Laura at least one month before the marriage takes place.

A legal-only marriage suits couples who:
  • are planning a destination wedding, but need to get legally married in Australia

  • are marrying in a religious ceremony that has no legal standing

  • need to be married quickly and don't have time to organise a wedding

  • get nervous and don't like being the center of attention

  • want to avoid the stress and expense of a traditional wedding, but want to get married

A basic administrative marriage

You can sign the certificates and get married without having a wedding. Administrative marriages can take place at Laura's premises,
in a chosen venue or in your own home.



 Gather your ID & other necessary documents & complete the NOIM



Submit your NOIM at least one-month before you want to marry.



Book an appointment to get married. Bring 2 legal witnesses with you.

Thank you for making it so simple and easy.

Cathy & Mike

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