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5 tips for a memorable micro wedding


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Setting the right tone
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Photo: Carli Sari

Micro weddings feature all the romance of a traditional wedding day, but on a smaller scale. You can still have a fabulous frock, a killer wine-list and celebrations that last long into the night, but a micro wedding is an occasion shared with only your closest family and friends. Your guest list will sit closer to 20, than 200.

Micro weddings are perfect for the 'Goldilocks couple'... not too big, or overwhelming to be a part of; but not too small and insignificant either. They sit somewhere between an elopement (with only two legal witnesses) and a small wedding (40+ people).

Laura is a modern Sydney celebrant who creates personalised wedding ceremonies of all sizes. She has been conducting small-scale marriages for over a decade and has these top tips for a memorable micro wedding...

Be ruthless with your guest list

No, you will not be badgered into inviting your second cousin's new girlfriend or your mum's best friend from work! A micro wedding is only for your nearest and dearest... think 10-40 of your absolute favourite people.

With just a handful of guests, you will be able to enjoy the company of each and every person present and not feel overwhelmed by the sheer scale of the event.

Choose a small venue

One way to limit the number of guests is to opt for a small-scale venue. With a fixed upper-limit enforced by the location, you can't be bullied into expanding your guest list.


Sydney has a wonderful array of private dining rooms ideally suited for mini marriages. Opting for a well-known restaurant means you are assured top-quality food. Fewer guests might even mean more menu options.


Another option is a 'staycation' micro wedding. Hire a large house with beautiful gardens or amazing views (check out these luxury Airbnb options) then organise catering or a private chef. The ceremony, reception and accommodation can all happen in one place. You can relax and your celebrations can last all weekend long.

As a government authorised marriage celebrant Laura can conduct a micro-wedding all around Sydney and beyond. 

Strike a balance between simple & special
Keep the emphasis on quality, not quantity. Go 'all-out' on the things that make you happy and cut-back on areas that are less important. 


If food and fine wine are your passion, why not splash-out on a killer menu? If you love vintage cars - go for it! Dig a particular designer? A micro-wedding is your permission to purchase! With less people to cater for, you can afford to indulge your passions. 

That said, a micro wedding is also about keeping things small and simple. Leave out anything that's going to add to your stress-levels, or which costs a lot but isn't that important to you. Make conscious decisions about how you can simplify the day. Make it a day to remember, without incurring a debt that will haunt you for years to come.

Focus on meaning, not just on looks

In a smaller setting the tone of your marriage ceremony, and the words spoken, take on a greater importance. Laura can create a highly personalised ceremony that accurately reflects you, your relationship and your beliefs about marriage.


The vows are an important part of any marriage. Think about what your partner means to you and what you are promising them at this point of commitment. You can write your own vows, or choose from options provided. Laura can even assist with capturing what's in your heart and helping you get the words out on the day (it can be difficult sometimes!).

A micro wedding is about doing things your own way... not being weighed down by other people's expectations. Keep traditional elements that mean something to you and ditch the parts that don't. 

Plan how to share the news

The politics of a micro wedding (or indeed any wedding) can be a tricky. Keep your plans low-key and have an explanation ready for those not invited. Make sure people know that it will be very small occasion - immediate family and best friends only.

Some couples choose to organise a surprise wedding in order to avoid questions. Others announce their marriage after the fact. Social media is a popular way to share the news, or you could go 'old school' and post a formal announcement with a photo from the day.

Inviting extended network of family and friends to a casual after party is another popular choice. This gives you an opportunity to celebrate with loved ones, without adding to the stress or expense of your actual wedding day. A backyard BBQ, low-key picnic or drinks at the pub all work well.


Photo: Hilary Cam Photography

What is a micro wedding? ​

A micro wedding is:

  • A small, but special celebration of your love and commitment.

  • Only handful of guests are invited
    (think 10-40 of your favourite people).

  • It has a warm, intimate atmosphere.

  • A day to remember, but on a smaller-scale.

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