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Legal requirements for getting married in Australia

Before getting married in Sydney, Australia it is important to understand all the legal requirements and implications. As a government-authorised marriage celebrant, Laura can provide all the necessary information and legal paperwork to help you get married in Sydney.

Requirements for getting married in Australia

  • You must be an adult (18+ years)

  • You must free to marry (not married to somebody else at the time of your marriage)

  • You must not be directly related to your partner

  • You must be marrying of your own free will

How to get married

As an authorised civil marriage celebrant Laura Craddock will guide you through all the legal steps required to get married in Australia.

Prior to getting married, Laura will help you to lodge a Notice of Intended Marriage. This must be completed and lodged with Laura no less than one month prior to your wedding (valid for 18 months).


Both partners will also need to sign a Declaration of No Impediment to the Marriage, stating that there is no legal obstruction to your marriage. This is usually done just prior to your ceremony.

After your vows are spoken on the day, you will both sign your wedding certificate, marriage register and registry paper (this will require two witnesses who speak English and are 18-years or over).


What documents are needed to get married?

In order to get married in Sydney, Australia you and your partner must provide the following:

  • A Birth Certificate and/or a Passport (both documents are preferred, but just one is acceptable)

  • Official photo ID showing your residential address (drivers licence or proof of age card) 


  • If your name differs from your birth certificate: a previous Marriage Certificate or Change of Name Certificate issued by Births, Deaths & Marriages, or Australian Citizenship Certificate 

  • If you have been previously married: proof of how the last marriage ended (a Divorce Certificate, Divorce Order, Decree Absolute or Death Certificate)

  • If documents are in a language other than English: A translation by a Level 3 or higher NAATI-qualified translator

  • If you are under 18: your parent's consent & an order from a magistrate ( speak to Laura before arranging) 

Only original documents can be accepted - certified copies are not acceptable. If you are traveling from inter-state or overseas you can provide a scan/photocopy of documents initially, but you will be required to present original documents upon your arrival in Sydney (prior to the marriage taking place).


Please contact Laura for guidance if you are having trouble locating these documents.

Documents needed to get married

Legal steps for getting married in Australia

As a government-authorised marriage celebrant, Laura will guide you through steps for getting married in Australia. As your celebrant, she is responsible for the legal paperwork as well as preparing and performing the marriage ceremony.



 Secure Laura's celebrant services to begin the process for getting married.



Lodge a Notice of Intended Marriage with Laura at least 1-month before the marriage.



Provide documents to prove your name, address and place of birth



A Declaration of No Impediment to Marriage is signed just prior to the wedding.



Three marriage certificates are signed at the wedding. One is yours to keep.



Your marriage is registered with NSW Births, Deaths & Marriages. Optional certificate available.

Legal steps for getting married in Australia

A marriage celebrant's role

Laura travels to different locations around Sydney to conduct your wedding. As a marriage celebrant she has many different responsibilities.
  • Arranging all the legal documents required for the marriage

  • Offering inspiration, guidance and advice about the wedding

  • Suggesting options for vows, readings and ceremony styles

  • Assisting with wedding rehearsals

  • Writing and performing the marriage ceremony

  • Officiating at the wedding

  • Providing PA equipment

  • Recommending suppliers to assist with your wedding plans

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