Notice of Intended Marriage

In order to get married in Australia, you must first lodge a Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM or NIM) with your authorised marriage celebrant, Laura Craddock.


You can download a Notice of Intended Marriage here.

Minimum notice period for marriage

The minimum notice period for marriage is of one-month. Your official notice period begins on the day you lodge the completed Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) with your authorised marriage celebrant.


Calculating the one-month notice period


  • If a NOIM is lodged on 2 January, the first day the marriage can be solemnised is 2 February

  • If a NOIM is lodged on 31 August, the first day the marriage can be solemnised is 1 October

  • If a NOIM is lodged on 29 January in a non-leap year, the first day the marriage can be solemnised is 1 March.

Maximum notice period for marriage


Your Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) is valid for up to 18-months from the date of lodgement.

If a NOIM is lodged with your celebrant on 2 January, for example, the last day the marriage could be solemnised is 2 July the following year.

Shortening the notice period for marriage


In particular circumstances (such as illness, legal proceedings or work travel arrangements) it is possible for couples to apply for a shortening of the notice period. Shortenings require extra time and expense. They cannot be guaranteed and are only granted under exceptional circumstances.

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