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How to have a non-legal
wedding in Sydney

Do you want to have a Sydney wedding, but not actually get married? Sydney celebrant, Laura Craddock, can help you create a commitment ceremony that looks and feels like a wedding, but which doesn't include any legal paperwork.

Non-legal weddings


Non-legal weddings are popular with couples who have married (or are going to marry) overseas,
but who want to have a wedding celebration with family and friends here in Sydney.

Non-legal weddings follow the same format as a traditional wedding. There's a bridal party, vows, rings, tears and plenty of champagne! The main difference is that certain legal words are removed from the ceremony and a commemorative certificate is signed, rather than a legal marriage certificate.

It's important to note that you cannot 'pretend' to get legally married at a non-legal wedding. As your celebrant, Laura must explain to guests that the marriage has already taken place (or will not take place). This may seem like a daunting prospect, but rest assured it can be done in a simple and sympathetic manner, with wording developed in consultation with you.

Commitment ceremonies

For some people it is not possible (or preferable) to have a legal wedding, however, they may still wish to publicly acknowledge their love and commitment to one another.


Commitment ceremonies vary in nature but generally celebrate the symbolic joining of two people, or two families, as one.

Marriage blessings


There are many reasons for people to have a blessing of their existing marriage. Perhaps you had to marry quickly to assist with a visa application? Maybe you are getting married overseas, but have a loved one here who's too sick to travel? Or perhaps you just couldn't afford the wedding of your dreams years ago and now want the opportunity to celebrate with family and friends?


Whatever the reason, a  blessing celebrates and acknowledges a loving marriage and allows you and your partner to share your happiness with loved ones.


Renewal of marriage vows


Reaffirm and renew your commitment of marriage after a difficult period, or as a way of celebrating a special anniversary. Read more about renewal of vows ceremonies here.

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