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Can our friend marry us?

Your friend (or relative) is funny, outgoing, knows you well and loves you to bits. They would be perfect to perform your wedding, except for one thing... they are not legally authorised to do so.

Getting married by a friend or relative happens all the time in movies (and is legal in places like America), but the laws are different here in Australia. But there is a way around this.


Your loved-one can definitely run your wedding, but you will need a government-authorised celebrant like me to take care of all the legal bits.

Laura conducts 'wing-man weddings' where she prepares all the paperwork and performs legal duties for the marriage, but leaves you in control of the rest of the day. She is flexible, open-minded and doesn't mind taking a discreet role in proceedings, to let your and your loved-one shine.

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A friend or relative can conduct your wedding

As a government-authorised marriage celebrant, Laura will take you through the paperwork and legal requirements for marriage, while your friend or family member is responsible for writing the ceremony script and hosting the wedding.



 Choose your favourite friend or family member to conduct your wedding.



Meet with Laura at least 1-month before the marriage to get paperwork underway.



Your friend or relative will prepare your wedding ceremony script.



Your celebrant will steer you through legal requirements both before, at & after the wedding.

Legal steps for getting married in Australia

Frequently asked questions

Can our friend or relative marry us?

Yes... but you will also need the help of an authorised celebrant to arrange the legal documents, perform legal duties and register the documents.

Is it possible for my friend become an authorised celebrant

Yes, but this will involved months of training, cost and hard work to get the necessary qualifications. Then they must go through the government's authorisation process, which can take a number of months.

A much simpler way to be married by your friend or relative is to let them prepare and perform the wedding ceremony, but have an experienced and authorised celebrant take care of the paperwork and legal duties.

Will this help to make our day special?

Your friend or relative knows and loves you. Their involvement will no doubt make the wedding day feel warm, happy and special.

What could go wrong?

A lack of experience may mean that your wedding may not be as smooth and polished as you would like.


Laura is a professional celebrant who has spent more than a decade performing weddings. With a great deal of experience under her belt, she can provide advice on how to avoid common mishaps. Laura understands all the subtle elements that come into play to ensure clear audio, great visuals, smooth organisation and a wonderful experience for both you and your guests.

Will this save us money?

No. The price remains the same whether Laura presents the ceremony or someone else. Your authorised celebrant still takes on all the legal duties and responsibility for the marriage.


Quite often an experienced celebrant will also be required to provide support and advice to help the day run smoothly, or equipment necessary for the wedding e.g. PA system, signing table or nice pen to sign the marriage certificates.

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